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Heavy-Duty  RPL-6620  Controller
exact replacement for the Buyers 3006620
for SaltDogg SHPE–Series spreaders:  0750 to 2000
( also, a welcome upgrade for the 3014199 "Chinese digital" )

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the RPL replaces the 3006620 controller on buyers saltdogg shpe spreaders


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RPL on top of 3014199

Details of the RPL-6620 Controller

This top-quality made-in-USA RPL controller is a convenient replacement for the 3014199 and 3006620 controllers used on the Buyers SaltDogg SHPE poly v-box salt spreaders.  It exactly matches the electrical performance parameters of the 3006620, while exceeding those of the 3014199 control box with a 20% performance increase.

rpl controller left-side view

The RPL controller is built with the toughness and reliability of time-tested low-loss analog PWM power-control electronics, and integrated with clever solid-state function management software.  It therefore has none of the digital quirkiness and oddities often observed in digital controllers.

This 12-Volt DC variable-speed dual controller works with these SaltDogg poly v-box models:  SHPE0750, SHPE1000, SHPE1500, and SHPE2000 (black, red, yellow).  The power & harness connectors are identical for easy drop-in installation and replacement.

4 equivalent controllers for saltdogg

The 3006620 Family of Controllers

RPL on top of 3014199

Comparison:  3014199 vs. 3006620 vs. RPL-6620

comparison table 3014199 vs 3006620 vs rpl

back of the RPL showing the control, power, and ignition connectors identical to 3006620 and 3014199

The Purpose of the Red Ignition Wire

The ignition wire was specified by Buyers Products Company for the 3006620 controller as a safety feature — to prevent a dead battery in your vehicle.

The ignition wire must receive 12V positive current for the controller to function.  The idea is to hook it to a 12V (+) source that has current only when the truck's ignition is turned on.  That way, the controller can't accidentally be left on to drain the battery when the truck's engine is off.

This is just like your dashboard radio.  If the radio is playing when the ignition is turned off, it will power down.

In fact, the 12V positive that powers the radio is an excellent source of 12V (+) for the controller.  Simply tap into that wire and feed the current to the controller's red ignition wire.  The ignition wire needs only a very small amount (about 120 mA) of constant 12V positive current for the controller to operate.  So there is no chance of blowing the fuse to the radio.

However, sometimes there is no convenient source of 12V positive current that is controlled by the ignition switch.

RPL-6620 Exclusive:  Ignition wire removal option!

To simplify installation, we can eliminate the ignition wire.  We have been trained and are authorized by the manufacturer to remove the ignition wire from the RPL-6620 controller —— if desired by the purchaser.

The controller will be fully functional.  But it will now power-on even if the truck's ignition is turned off.  So please remember to turn the controller's power off when not in use.

Historical fact:  The Karrier Omega 2070 controller never had an ignition wire, by design.

There is no cost for this service.  The modification will not void your warranty.  And the shipping of your order will not be delayed.

To request this option, simply type a message into the "comment box" when purchasing, asking for removal of the ignition wire.

Wire Definitions

saltdogg wire definitions table for RPL and 3006620

Round Connector
Pin & Wire Identification

saltdogg 3006620 metri pack 280 7-way round connector pin and wire identification

Wire Color Translation
RPL-6620 — to — 3014199

saltdogg 3006620 to 3014199 wire color translation table

one year warranty certificate

RPL controller night view

RPL controller replacement for Buyers SaltDogg 3006620 resting on its box
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