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Heavy-Duty 3452B Controller for Buyers SaltDogg TGS
Replaces & Upgrades the 3011864 on Tailgate Spreaders
( double the current output of the Chinese 3011864 )

3452B controller for Buyers SaltDogg TGS spreaders


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The 3452B TGS Controller

3452B controller for Buyers SaltDogg TGS spreaders showing connectors

This controller is a superior drop-in replacement for some of the controllers that come with some of the TGS series (Tail Gate Spreaders) of Buyers SaltDogg salt spreaders.

This top-quality, made-in-USA controller replaces and upgrades the 3011864 & 3008623 made-in-China control boxes (see comparison below).  It is built with the toughness and proven reliability of analog electronics for power control.

Dimensions (approximate):  5.375" (width) 4.0" (depth) 2.25" (height) 25 ounces (weight).

This 12-Volt DC variable speed controller should work with these models, but check your connectors first to make sure they match:

Note:  A frame ground* design was used on some of the earlier TGS series such as the TGS 01 and TGS 05 and therefore require a frame-ground controller.  They also use different types of connectors.

*Technical Note On Electrical Topology:  This controller functions as a normal, standard "two-wire" controller.  That means it has two wires going to the spinner motor (+)(−), two wires going to the vibrator (+)(−), and two wires going to the battery (+)(−).  However, it has extra versatility because it does its power control on the positive (+) output wires.  The 3452A is probably the only controller currently on the market like this, because it is more difficult (expensive) to design.  But it means it can be used on a frame ground "one-wire" spreader by simply grounding all the negative wires to the frame of the truck.  If you tried this with any other other standard controller, the motors would all run at maximum rpm with no ability to control the speed.  So this controller can control motor speed even if its outputs are re-wired for a "frame ground" salt spreader.

3452B controller features:

Comparison:  3011864 vs. 3452B

3011864 and 3452B side-by-side comparison

top view 3011864 and 3452B side-by-side

compare buyers saltdogg tgs controller 3452A vs. 3011864

3452B night view showing LED lights

Wire Definitions

wire definitions for the buyers saltdogg tgs tailgate controller 3452B showing connectors

3452B one-year warranty

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