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Meyer 34403 Salt Spreader Controller
also for general-purpose 12V DC speed control applications


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The 34403 Spreader Speed Control

* Works with these brands    

The 34403 controller can handle the electrical loads of many spreaders.  You may need different connectors.  You can improvise with your own electrical connection hook-up hardware, or simply solder wire-to-wire.

This controller has been used with these spreader brands:

  • Agri-Fab
  • Boss
  • Buyers
  • Curtis
  • DownEaster
  • EarthWay
  • Fisher
  • JRB
  • Magnum
  • Meyer
  • Sno-Way
  • SnowEx
  • Spyker
  • ValuSpread
  • Western

This 34403 controller is new, factory fresh, mint condition in its OEM box.  It is made in the USA and has a one-year manufacturer's warranty.  It is an excellent replacement controller for other makes due to its salt-spreader specific features and durable analog power electronic components.

This controller is designed for spreaders with the standard "two wire" topology for wiring hookup.  There are two wires coming from the battery, and two wires going to the spreader.  One is positive and the other is negative.

Some Meyer spreaders have a "frame ground" "one wire" topology.  One positive wire comes from the battery, and one positive wire goes to the spreader —— with the frame of the vehicle itself carrying the negative current.  Such a wiring method may offer some simplicity, but it is limited in the amount of total current it can handle.  It also requires a controller that does its power control on the positive side (as does the 3452A, sold here).  More than 99% of controllers manufactured do their power control on the negative side and cannot control motor speed on a frame ground system.

Dimensions (approximate):  3.75" (width) 4.0" (depth) 2.25" (height) 17 ounces (weight with bracket).


Hard Start 2 (default *):  The controller outputs 5 start pulses of maximum speed to the connected motor.  Each pulse lasts 0.250 seconds and is followed by a zero speed output of also 0.250 seconds duration.  The 34403 will current limit each pulse output to a maximum of 75 Amps.   After the 5th pulse is outputed, a 6th pulse is outputed for a period of 0.500 seconds which is current limited to 40 Amps maximum.  After this 6th pulse is outputed, the 34403 speed is controlled by the front panel speed setting.  —  This is useful for starting the spreader when its salt, sand or material mix is clumped or frozen.

Blast:  The controller's momentary-ON toggle switch provides maximum speed to the motor for as long as this switch is activated.  Normally the motor speed will be controlled by the setting of the front panel speed dial, but the speed control is overridden by this BLAST switch.

Circuit protection:  The controller is short circuit protected so the output may be shorted for any length of time without causing any electrical damage to the controller.  The input may also be connected to reversed polarity power without causing any electrical damage to the controller.

LEDs:  The green LED indicates when the power switch is in the "ON" position and power of the correct polarity has been applied to the controller.  The yellow LED indicates when the BLAST momentary-ON switch is activated.  The red LED indicates that the output circuit of the 3440A has been current limited to 40-Amps peak due to an abnormal OVERLOAD condition.

*Power-on Start Modes    

There are 4 different modes to control how the initial power is delivered to the motor when the power switch is first turned on.  These options are selected by the presence or absence of shorting blocks or jumpers on the 34403 PC board.  These jumper positions are labeled "JMP1" and "JMP2" on the right front edge of the PC board and these jumpers are accessible by removing the top cover of the 344403.  The start-up options are defined as follows:

Controller Specifications

Wire Definitions


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